Unsupervised for Telecommunications

Profitable Insights from Complex Data

Turn complexity into an advantage with insights that increase customer lifetime value, delivered automatically.


Reduce Churn

Identify customer characteristics that are churning at higher rates to be used in personalized retention care plans.

Boost Truck Roll Efficiency

Highlight areas where troubleshooting can be improved and unnecessary dispatches can be eliminated.

Customer Support

Minimize costs by resolving service issues before they impact larger audiences.

Answering the Question "Why?" — On Demand

Whether it’s trends impacting the network or causing customers to churn at alarming rates, Unsupervised automates analytics to deliver insights from large and complex data.


Churn Is Rising. Why?

The reasons customers drop are hidden in your data. Unsupervised finds the reasons why without data science resources or coding.

  • Early Warning Signs: See unique characteristics of customer interactions that drive low retention rates. 
  • Stay Ahead of Change: Our AI sorts suggested patterns by the largest opportunity value so teams can focus on the highest potential improvements to loyalty plans first.
  • Spot the Hidden Gems: Nuanced traits of customer cancellation behavior are buried in data – our AI suggests those to you.

What is Driving Truck Roll Spikes?

Find and react to new trends impacting services and improve troubleshooting workflows as new issues are found. Know what services and key themes are worth focusing on to increase efficiency.

  • Adapt and Thrive: Turn complexity into your edge with insights into what’s impacting network performance.
  • Get Ahead: Find early warning signs of performance issues and stay ahead of potential issues.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Flag product bugs that need workarounds and remotely fix them before your customers call in.

Why Is CSAT Suffering?

Put all that customer support data to work with automated analytics that find problems and opportunities.

  • Call Center Analysis: Find deep insights that identify opportunities to improve the call center experience and reduce costs.
  • Increase Retention: Directly impact retention with fast analysis of the trends influencing call resolution, handle time, and escalation costs.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Unsupervised automatically joins multiple data sources to discover hard-to-find opportunities.

Several national telecom companies exceed their KPI goals within months of implementing Unsupervised

More than


in opportunities discovered
More than

7x ROI

delivered for multiple customers
Single opportunities saved


customers in < 30 days

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Between customers, call centers, and complex network configurations, telecom companies collect massive amounts of data each day. Unsupervised automatically finds insights from all of them. Here's how.


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