25 Stats that Detail the State of Analytics in 2022

See how companies are approaching big data and analytics with 25 (up-to-date) stats on the state of analytics in 2022.
25 Stats That Detail The State of Analytics

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the amount of data available, stuck in a state of analysis paralysis, or a data-driven machine we’re all in need of analytics to make the best possible business decisions. Here’s a look at the state of analytics in 2022 as told through the latest stats.

Analyzing Big Data

1. The amount of data available will grow to over 180 zettabytes by 2025. (Statista, 2021)

2. By 2023, data literacy will become key to driving business value. (Gartner, 2021)

3. 57% of Marketers feel overwhelmed by the amount of data coming in. (Forrester, 2020)

How Businesses are Leveraging Analytics

4. 69% of CIOs say their management culture is changing to rely on more quantitative decisions. (Forrester, 2020)

5. 56% of organizations leveraging analytics experience faster and more effective decision making. (Business2Community, 2020)

6. 96% of those investing in Big Data and AI are seeing positive results. (NewVantage, 2021)

7. 74% of business leaders plan to use data in 2022 to identify opportunities for growth. (Unsupervised, 2022)

8. 69% of business leaders plan to use data in 2022 to shape the customer experience. (Unsupervised, 2022)

9. 61% of business leaders plan to use data in 2022 to create operational efficiencies. (Unsupervised, 2022)

10 65% of employees believe their KPIs should be more relevant to business goals. (Unsupervised, 2022)

Budgets and Investments in Analytics

11. 97% of organizations are investing in big data and AI. (NewVantage, 2021)

12. 92% of business leaders have indicated the pace of investment in data was accelerating. (NewVantage, 2021)

13. 64% of business leaders expect companies’ big data budget to increase in 2022. (Unsupervised, 2022)

The State of Marketing Analytics

14. 87% of marketers say data is their most underutilized asset. (Invoca, 2021)

15. 90% of sales and marketing teams say that cloud analytics is essential to getting their work done. (impact, 2020)

16. 60% of US marketers are using more than 20 marketing tools. (AirTable, 2021)

17. 15% of marketing leaders report that more than half of the data they work with is duplicated in multiple places like spreadsheets, docs, and apps. (AirTable, 2021)

18. Sales and revenue are the most regularly measured marketing metrics while customer metrics are measured mostly on an as-needed basis. (The CMO Survey, 2021)

19. Only 54% of marketing decisions are influenced by marketing analytics. (Gartner, 2020)

AI and Analytic Efficiencies

20. 46% of marketers say that lack of timely data is a top barrier to their success. (AirTable, 2021)

21. Business leaders spend 12 hours a week, on average, working directly with big data.  (Unsupervised, 2022)

22. Data management is the most time-consuming activity for marketing analytics teams. (Gartner, 2020)

23. Software-related issues and lack of budget are the most common roadblocks to implementing business intelligence. (Unsupervised, 2022)

24. By 2025 50% of all data scientist activities will be automated by AI. (Gartner, 2020)

25. 66% of data professionals believe a greater reliance on software for data functions is likely. (Unsupervised, 2022)

The state of analytics is constantly changing but having the right tools in place to help you stay ahead of the curve can set your business up for success. Looking to make better data-driven decisions? Schedule a time to speak with an expert to see how Unsupervised’s automated analytics platform can help you make better marketing decisions.

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