Unsupervised is

the largest supplier of Unsupervised AI Solutions

We help enterprise companies analyze their data and automatically discover actionable opportunities.


We make it easy for people to find the valuable insights in their data and make data-driven decisions that improve their business.


Our vision

Unsupervised intelligently explores the near-infinite amount of hypotheses about what might matter in your data and gives you a constant stream of the insights that matter from all relevant data sources. No matter how complex your data is, you should have the key information at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions, even when you don’t have armies of analysts hunting for the opportunities hiding in your data. That’s how AI helps empower your decision-making.


our mission

We empower people to make better decisions. When people have the information they need, their expertise allows them to make better decisions than machines ever will. In today’s data-rich world, there are very few tools focused on empowering people to get the information they need from large amounts of complex data.

At Unsupervised, we use AI to discover insights that help people understand what’s going on in their business regardless of how complex the data is. By empowering people to get the information from infinitely-complex data, we give them the ability to stay involved in the decision making process and use their expertise to guide their businesses to better outcomes.

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What we stand for

Unsupervised changes the way people use AI and data to make better decisions. Our team is made up of a diverse group of brilliant people from backgrounds in academia, enterprise software, and across many different industries.

Empower People

In a world where AI too often threatens jobs, we help people learn and empower them to grow and scale their brilliance.


We care deeply about the truth. Truth-seeking helps us learn and improve so that we can better serve our customers.

Vulnerability-Based Trust

We trust if we’re vulnerable about what we do and don’t know, our teams will support us and we’ll do better work together.

Give A Darn

We care about building the best company and product we possibly can. We support each other with a deep empathy.


We take on the responsibility of doing what’s best for our customers. Ownership and collaboration are key to their success.


To change the status quo, we must build a better alternative to AI quickly before the world settles for today’s approach.


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"We need to stop treating data complexity as an enemy to be fought. Our businesses are complex - the data that represents it should be too. Instead, we need to embrace the keep the complexity, but let software make that complexity easy."

Noah Horton


CEO & Co-Founder


Noah Horton is the CEO of Unsupervised.com – the premier automated data analysis technology for enterprise. Unsupervised allows enterprises to turn their vast data collections into actual business impact in a scalable and repeatable way. The company is the culmination of Noah’s background in unsupervised machine learning, large-scale computing, analytics and enterprise software.

Prior to founding Unsupervised, Noah led large AI deployments at many Fortune 50 companies from his position as the Chief Product Officer at Ayasdi. Prior to that, he led product and core engineering for Oracle’s transition of its $9bn+ middleware and hardware business into the cloud. His first company, Involver, was acquired by Oracle in 2012 and became the nucleus of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud.

Before founding Involver, Noah held a series of increasingly senior roles at Sun, HP and Microsoft. He holds over 35 patents, has spoken at many of the largest technology conferences, and is a sought-after consultant and advisor on artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Noah lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and two children.

“AI should be used to make it easier for all of us to understand what's going on in our businesses so we can make better decisions. So far our customers have found over $150M and saved countless hours of hunting and pecking through their data."


COO & Co-Founder


Tyler Willis is the co-founder of Unsupervised, which helps companies discover opportunities in their data (over $150M so far) and has raised over $50M from top investors including Cathay Innovation, SignalFire, Coatue, Eniac Ventures, and Elad Gil.

In addition to his work at Unsupervised, Tyler is an active angel investor — managing a $2-4M/yr fund that invests in early-stage technology companies. He’s been an early-stage investor in companies like Patreon (now worth $4B), Clubhouse ($4B), Lattice ($3B), Lambda School, MainStreet, and On Deck.

Prior to founding Unsupervised, Tyler served as the CMO of Hired.com, a career marketplace that raised over $100 Million to help talented people find jobs they love. Throughout his career, he has led sales, growth, marketing, partnerships, and M&A at several top-performing startups. Insatiably curious, he’s always looking for the next thing to learn.

"Data is powerful, but only if you can use it to empower decisions. That's what makes Unsupervised so unique.”


VP of Marketing


Jesse Noyes is the Vice President of Marketing at Unsupervised, where he leads all go-to-market initiatives including branding, demand generation, product marketing and more. After many years in SaaS marketing, he’s excited to work for a company delivering the answer to the critical question “why.”

Prior to joining Unsupervised, Jesse served in leadership roles across a number of high-growth companies including Zenefits (acquired), Upserve (acquired), Kapost (acquired), and Eloqua (acquired).

Before jumping into marketing, he started his career in journalism at The Boston Herald and Boston Business Journal. Jesse lives in Maine with his wife Laurel, daughter Lillian Marigold, dog, chickens and a three-legged cat.

“Data has no value until it is used.”


VP of Data Science & Professional Services


Sue Van Riper is the Vice President of Data Science and Professional Services at Unsupervised. She is obsessed with changing the way the world uses data and to drive more informed decisions.

Sue is a thought leader, an organizational and team builder, technology and data translator, emphasizing outcomes and value with a bias towards action.  She has combined her organizational and management experience and her doctoral research in advanced algorithms, with her experience in IT delivery, software engineering, and data, spirit to build and lead numerous AI/ML, data science, data, engineering, and consulting teams, at small startups and Fortune 100 companies alike.

Sue lives in Minneapolis with her wife and enjoys many hours on several of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.

"Working at Unsupervised is a chance to build the future of analytics."

Unsupervised Headshot


VP of Finance & Operations


Mike is the VP of Finance & Operations at Unsupervised. In this role, he ensures Unsupervised has clear goals and the people and resources necessary to deliver. As an early employee and the resident generalist, Mike has played a role in many of Unsupervised’s biggest milestones, from securing the first dollar of revenue to raising funding to fuel the company’s growth. Prior to joining Unsupervised in 2017, Mike worked in public education and management consulting. Mike lives in Louisville, CO with his geriatric miniature poodle, Bella.