Retail Analytics Made Easy with AI

See why sales are up or down — no data science resources required. Unsupervised automates analytics to track KPIs, and reveal super-specific insights driving performance.


Get Straight to Why.

Cart conversions, transactions, clicks…KPIs are always moving. Unsupervised AI shows you why automated insights delivered in plain language.


Automate Your Analytics.

Stop clicking through endless reports, tables and dashboards. Get explorable detailed analysis, not just charts.

Find the Reasons Why.

No more wondering “what works?” Unsupervised takes retailers and eCommerce deeper than standard “intelligence.”

Get Clarity, Not Just Cool Charts

Unsupervised’s singular AI takes retail and eCommerce brands deeper than a dashboard to immediately identify why KPI performance changed. Ditch the manual data crunching, and get precise insights automatically generated for your team from why conversions dropped in the past two weeks to why traffic spiked yesterday.

Cart Conversion option 1

Cart conversion is down. Why?

Identify the exact audience, channel, campaigns, and products driving customers to buy.

  • Create the ideal web journey: Automatically uncover most successful paths buried in complex session data
  • Increase first order values: Capture more revenue with relevant product cross-sells without dashboard digging
  • Lower cart abandonment: Eliminate guesswork of offer timing with AI that removes traditional constraints

Why is customer loyalty down?

Ditch overly broad segmentations. Our AI keeps up with rapid consumer behavior changes to understand customers extensively.

  • Unrestrained customer segmentation: Immediately expose subsegments buried in your data that drive higher revenue
  • Right offer, right customer: Know exactly which factors increase loyalty to easily replicate success
  • Keep pulse on changing customer behavior: AI finds most relevant impacts without double-clicking dashboards
Customer Loyalty
Why avg transaction value down

Why are average transaction values down?

Uncover the marketing mix that drives traffic with AI that cuts through millions of possible combinations.

  • Bigger basket sizes: Automatically uncover most successful paths buried in complex session data
  • Niche SKUs: Get in-depth, sku-level insights that drive revenue up without the data gymnastics

  • Better promotions: Optimize discounting strategies by knowing which customers to target with which offers

Retailers are beating expectations and exceeding their KPIs within months of implementing Unsupervised.


ROI with promotion optimization


increase for niche product


increase in web conversion



This case study takes a look at how a Fourtune 500 retailer turned to Unsupervised to optimize their supply chain. Unsupervised was able to provide rapid insights that resulted in over $1M in projected cost savings and an entirely new way to evaluate shipping upgrades.


Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO

Charlotte’s Web

"We get insights to increase revenue that would usually require long, manual processes. Unsupervised has been a game-changer."

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