Generate Actionable Insights

Use all of your data to find ways to move your metrics.

Get insight you can act on

Humans don’t have time to find every detailed insight, but our AI analyzes more groups of records than there are atoms in the universe,  predicts the actionability and impact of each one, and surfaces the best insights to you — automatically.

How much ROI will you find?

Our customers have found over $1B in actionable insights so far.
$1B Found

GET BETTER INSIGHT from your data

Our AI analyzes complex data and produces business-friendly insights, so anyone in your organization can do powerful data analysis, on demand.

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Find Detailed Insights

Our AI understands data relationships and the KPI you're optimizing, allowing it to identify rich and nuanced insights that other techniques miss.

  • Identify specific groups pulling your metrics in the wrong direction

  • Find insights from data stored in multiple, disparate tables to get richer insights

Estimate Action & Impact

See impact and actionability on every insight so you can focus your efforts where they drive the most ROI.

  • Generate dozens of insights about any KPI you have data on

  • Give business users the context they need to find the best opportunities

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Save hours on data prep

Our AI automatically runs across the tables in your existing star schema database and joins the results.

  • Skip data preperation and focus on data availability and feature generation

  • Automatically analyze millions of features from different tables

  • For Databricks Customers: Connect directly to your star schema database and make data management easy

Analytics that you can judge by impact


worth of actionable insights found

We help customers hit their annual goals. Our customers have found over a billion dollars using Unsupervised.


ROI in the first 12 months of usage

Customers that focus on high-value metrics can generate meaningful ROI in year one.


Win rate in competitions focused on insight quality

We find richer and more actionable insights than competitors. We have never lost a heads-up competition on this.

Technical Foundation

Ai that understands data

Our unique focus on Actionability and ROI differentiate our user experience, but the fundamental breakthrough that allows us to find better insights comes from giving our AI better data architecture and a semantic understanding of data.

Hyper-Dimensional Scale

We started Unsupervised by building an AI that could operate on data in high-dimensional space, removing limitations that made complex problems hard to solve.

Semantic Understanding

By giving our AI the ability to infer relationships between features and tables, we made it possible to deal with complex data and deliver easy-to-understand answers.

Run in Place

Our AI runs across separate tables individually and joins the results — this allows for extremely efficient compute, analysis of larger scale data, and the option to run this in your own compute environment.

Our AI can run detailed analyses across an entire data warehouse and find the insights that matter from more than 10^100 possible combinations — efficiently and at low cost.

Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO

Charlotte’s Web

"Data is our competitive advantage. Unsupervised allows us to get insights within the data that shows us the surprising and often fast steps we can take to increase revenue and lower costs.”

Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO

Charlotte’s Web

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