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Find higher-quality insights by using an AI that automatically uses all of your data in every analysis.

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AI That does the digging for you

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Tired of endless dashboards and surface-level insights that take too long to find? See how Unsupervised automates analytics to reveal what matters for our customers.

“Unsupervised takes us deeper than dashboards. It's a totally different approach to AI that's revealing levers for growth.”
Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer
Columbia Care


A new approach to analytics

AI That Goes Deeper, So You Can Move Faster

Tackle the three biggest questions in minutes, not months.


See how your KPIs are tracking and find detailed insights on the groups that are dragging or driving outcomes.


Unsupervised AI does the work of identifying the most important segments using all of your data – no data preparation required.


See the potential financial impact and actionability of every insight – letting you prioritize ROI with ease.

Unsupervised AI tells you why

See a day in the life with Unsupervised. Watch how we save leaders like Melissa from analysis paralysis.

How we do it

Our AI finds what’s driving your KPIs by analyzing all of your data at once, using dozens of tables to find the precise groups that are affecting your KPIs — all without manual data preparation.

Automate the tedious.

Our AI connects to the complex data in your data warehouse, runs across the separate tables in your star schema at the same time, and  finds the detailed groups of records affecting your KPIs.

  • Skip the data prep and use your existing star schema
  • AI uses the full richness of your non-flattened data to find relevant features to include from multiple tables
  • Get a rich analysis on the most impactful segments and see the potential actions and financial impact

Find the actionable insights.

Unsupervised surfaces where your KPI performance is changing and the biggest contributors to those changes.

  • Our UI shows how metrics are tracking against expected performance
  • Quickly see the segments that have the biggest effect on your metrics
  • See a detailed AI Analyst Report for every segment the AI finds

Put Impact on Autopilot.

Unsupervised shows you the possible actions and financial impact on every insight so you can prioritize effectively.

  • Plan your actions with greater confidence in your ROI
  • Address root causes and create continuous improvement
  • Export results to use in targeting or to improve the performance of your predictive models

Automate the tedious.

Our AI ingests complex data and finds the meaningful drivers behind your KPIs.

  • Ingests and preps even that complex data
  • Finds and generates tons of features
  • Spotlights the most impactful segments and ranks by impact

See why change happens.

The platform surfaces where KPI performance is changing and the biggest contributors to those changes.

  • Our UI shows how metrics are tracking against expected performance
  • Surfaces the segments impacting a specific change organized by contribution to the change
  • Provides one-click access to detailed analysis of every segment the AI finds

Reveal the big picture in the fine details.

See which attributes matter the most.

  • Unsupervised highlights the attributes within your data that create the most change
  • Ranking of attributes shift based on the changes in your data
  • Explore the analysis of your data, not just the raw data

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