Here’s Your Fastest Path to Why

KPIs move fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss why. Get insights for your KPIs, faster.


Get Straight to Why.

Trial conversions, subscription churn, customer lifetime value…KPIs are always moving. Unsupervised AI shows you why with automated insights in plain language.


Access Insights as a Service.

Selling SaaS requires knowing specifically why the campaign, offer, or CTA worked — not just if it worked. We deliver that.

More Answers. Fewer Shrugs.

Get immediate visibility into the hundreds of insights driving your KPIs spikes and dips. No data scientist required.

Never Get Stumped When Asked Why

Any SaaS company can show whether their metrics are up or down. Knowing and responding to the causes is the real pain. Unsupervised automates your analytics to reveal which attributes, segments, categories and behaviors are driving the change. It’s not a dashboard, it’s analysis on demand.

free trials

Why are trial conversions down?

Free trials and freemium models are the crux of any acquisition strategy - make every dollar count.

  • Fast route to paid subscribers: Automatically uncover most successful paths buried in complex session data
  • Sticky features, different customers: Know exactly which features increase conversions for different consumers
  • Optimize trial user journeys: Immediately see the highest converting paths and communication times

Subscription churn is up. Why?

Hidden within a sea of data are your highly loyal customers. Our AI unlocks it.

  • Find hidden gems: Highly profitable customers are buried in data – our AI brings it to light
  • Identify churn predictors: See robust variable combinations about consumer interactions that drive higher loyalty
  • Keep pulse on changing customer behavior: AI finds most relevant impacts without double-clicking dashboards
customer lifetime value

Why is customer lifetime value down?

Customer wallets are bombarded with other choices — make sure you get your unfair share.

  • Upsells and cross-sells: Know what products and when to offer for higher CLV
  • Unrestrained customer segmentation: Immediately expose subsegments buried in your data that drive higher revenue
  • Targeted, personalized campaigns: Get the right offers in front of the right customers

Technology teams are beating expectations and exceeding their KPIs within months of implementing Unsupervised.


ROI in weeks


increased revenue


ROI within months


Unsupervised Improves Helpdesk Bot

This case study takes a look at how a Fortune 100 company partnered with Unsupervised to improve their internal helpdesk bot. Unsupervised was able to find deep insights that identify opportunities to improve their call center experience and reduce costs.

Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer

Columbia Care

“Unsupervised takes us deeper than dashboards. It's a totally different approach to AI that's revealing levers for growth.”

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