Focus on why conversions move

See why conversions are rising or falling without requiring data science resources. Drop the deep diving into dashboards, reports, and spreadsheets, and get access to the customer segments in your data impacting CAC, LTV, AOV, and repeat purchases.


Know Why in a Few Clicks, Not Weeks

Skip the dashboard deep dives and endless pivot tables. Automate analytics to find the segments driving conversion rate.


Less Work, More LTV

Unsupervised automates massive data analysis to find your most profitable customers, behaviors, and campaigns .

Turn Messy Data Into Richer Sessions

Break through the analysis paralysis. Get better insights on conversions, then use them to increase revenue per session.

you know what is happening. let's dig into why.

Dashboards and analytics tools show you what is happening to conversions. But Unsupervised knows the pace of commerce demands knowing why. We take you deeper without requiring additional resources from why conversions dropped over the past two weeks to why traffic spiked yesterday.

ecommerce analytics

Acquire. Analyze. Repeat.

Repeat customers are the best. But figuring out why they come back is a mess of reports, dashboards, and spreadsheets. Unsupervised delivers actual analysis, not just pretty charts.

  • Find your sweet spots: Automatically identifies the behaviors that drive repeat purchases
  • Explore analysis instead of raw data: Dive into the analysis of your web data rather than relying on hunches on where to look
  • Lower CAC: Get more revenue from every customer by engaging based on what is currently moving the needle

Find More revenue in sessions

eCommerce brands use Unsupervised's AI to find richer segments that lead to smarter messaging, campaigns, and weekly optimizations.

  • Deeper segments in less time: Unsupervised automates massive data analysis, finding super-specific customer segments with little-to-no setup time
  • Unearth growth levers in the margins: Automated analytics reveals not just the home runs, but also the easy optimizations that grow transactions and LTV buried in the data
  • Get ahead of the change: Even as customer behavior changes, Unsupervised surfaces the changes and prioritizes based on the size of impact
web sessions unsupervised
cart abandonment rate

Move the Margins. Fill More Carts.

Uncover the marketing mix that drives traffic with AI that cuts through millions of possible combinations.

  • Bigger basket sizes: Automatically uncover the most successful paths buried in complex session data
  • Niche SKUs: Get in-depth, sku-level insights that drive revenue up without the data gymnastics
  • Better promotions: Optimize discounting strategies by knowing which customers to target with which offers

Marketers are beating expectations and exceeding their KPIs within months of implementing Unsupervised.


ROI with promotion optimization


increase for niche product


increase in web conversion

How it works

A Day in the life with Unsupervised

Not another dashboard. Not more predictions. This is a totally different approach to AI built for eCommerce brands to find why conversions are spiking or dipping. See how it works for eCommerce marketers like Melissa.

Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO

Charlotte’s Web

"We get insights to increase revenue that would usually require long, manual processes. Unsupervised has been a game-changer."

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