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Unsupervised – Automated Analytics

Tired of slicing and dicing data points? See how Marketing VP, Melissa, leverages Unsupervised's automated analytics platform to find KPI-specific insights quickly.

Unsupervised – Going from What to Why

Unsupervised CEO and co-Founder, Noah Horton, shares the reasons its so hard to get from what is happening to why it's happening.

Unsupervised – AI That Tells You Why

Meet Melissa, a Marketing VP who turned to Unsupervised for help with wrangling her mountain of messy data.


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Unsupervised’s AI Analysts Cross $1 Billion Found…

Unsupervised's AI Data Analyst Breaks Billion-Dollar Insights Milestone: How AI Agents Transform Data Analysis Unsupervised's…

Avoiding the Risks of LLM Hallucinations in SQL Generation

AI is changing how we work, and data analysis is a big area that’s getting…

Building a Foundation: Essential Business Intelligence Reports for Emerging Data Teams

Introduction In today's fast-paced business world, data-driven decision making is not just a luxury, but…

Examining APL’s Growth Sprint in the DTC Shoe Industry

If you want the top spot, you have to take it. That could probably be…

Case Studies

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Case Studies
Client Referral Insight Leads Non-Profit to Optimize Call Center Workflows

A non-profit that services a large city was having trouble keeping up with the increased demand in their call centers. Learn how Unsupervised helped them reduce call handle time by 15% for referral-related calls and find over $200K in new opportunities.

Case Studies
Retailer Increases Holiday Sales by $1 Million with Unsupervised

Learn the insights Unsupervised helped this online retailer uncover which drove over $1 million in additional sales revenue. 

Case Studies
Retailer Increased First-Purchase AOV by 65%

Take a look at how this marketing team began taking action and saw an increase of $820K in recurring revenue and a 65% increase in AOV for first-time buyers.

Case Studies
Retailer Uncovers Over $1 Million in Upsell Opportunities with Unsupervised

See how this spa uncovered over $1.4 million in revenue opportunities just by offering the right upsell to the right customers.


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Empowering Business Teams with Improved Analytics Processes

Business teams need to be able to respond to changes in the business as they happen. Dashboards and reporting, while useful for high-level visualizations of changes in the business, don't get business teams to the why. In this report, we'll examine the state of where we are today so we can move forward to a better state tomorrow.

Demystifying Analytics for Marketers

Ready to get started in marketing analytics? Download the free guide to learn the fundamentals to analytics specifically for marketers.

The Marketing KPI Dictionary

Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs) is an essential part of creating and measuring the success of your marketing efforts. With hundreds of KPIs to choose from, selecting the right ones are critical. That’s why we’ve compiled a running list of marketing KPIs for any industry from A to Z. Click the button below to download the Marketing KPI Dictionary.

3 Steps to Data Profitability for Marketing Leaders

Get clarity into which behaviors, events and actions are driving individual metric performance through automated analytics. This Ebook contains a comprehensive step by step guide on how to maximize your marketing KPI's, download the Ebook to get started.

Data Sheets

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Data Sheets
Unsupervised for Retention

When time is tight, and margins are tighter, eCommerce marketers double down on boosting LTV.…

Data Sheets
Unsupervised for Marketing

Marketing is leading the change in how brands meet customer needs. But change is hard…

Data Sheets
Unsupervised for eCommerce + DTC

Success in eCommerce is found in the margins. But digging into the data to find…


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Skip the Dashboards

Skip the Dashboards and get straight to WHY

Go From What To Why

Be Data Profitable: From What to Why

What is Data Capitalization Management?

Be Data Profitable: What is Data Capitalization Management?

Embracing Complexity

Nearly every business is embracing the data-driven mantra, yet only 24% of enterprises have claimed…

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