Embed an AI Analyst in every team

Deliver rapid answers about your data, all within your trusted environment.

Give everyone a dedicated analyst

Give your employees the confidence to Ask, Answer and Act based on trusted data via a conversational AI.  

Our Generative AI Embedded Analyst works seamlessly within your existing data infrastructure and workflow, ensuring that your team gets answers they can trust without exposing your data or circumventing data policies.

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See how our AI can help you answer your organization's data questions.

Let AI do the heavy lifting

Your company needs to move the needle.
Your business teams need answers now.
Your data ops team is overloaded.

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Deliver Existing Answers Quickly

Your data team has prepped the data and built rich reports, dashboards, and analytics content — but your business users don’t know where to get the answers they need.

Now, your teams can simply ask the always on, always available AI Embedded Analyst, which quickly directs users to existing answers and content from:

  • BI Platforms 
  • Unsupervised AI Analytics 
  • 3rd party documentation

Create New Answers

Bespoke and complex analytics requests are part of the game. Your Embedded AI Analysts will gather all the context and information you need, then generate and submit a structured request ticket into your existing workflow and infrastructure.

  • Clarify your users’ questions
  • Gather request context & requirements
  • Automatically generate the request ticket

With the optional Insights package, the Unsupervised AI can perform custom analysis automatically — saving your analysts time and delivering answers faster. 

Ticket Confirmation (Transparent)
Tailored for you

AI within your control & environment

Use all of your existing protocols, actions, and initiatives to customize Embedded AI Analysts for all of your teams.

Each team's Embedded AI Analyst can:

  • Access your approved data directly where it lives
  • Run custom analyses on your data without joining or shaping data
  • Keep raw data in your private-cloud environment and not shared with LLM providers
  • Have custom workflow, tasks, vocabulary, resources, and data for that team
  • Instantly connect to your central analytics ticketing system
  • Manage custom request handlers (e.g. provision Databricks cluster for specific user)

Built To be Customized by Data & Analytics teams

Deliver the experience your users need

Easily Manage Data

Connect your data warehouse and keep your data up-to-date. Connect or disconnect raw data in just a few clicks.

Business-Ready Datasets

Connect only the datasets that you know are trustworthy sources of information for your users.

Customized Actions/Workflow

Define custom actions or workflows that the Embedded AI Analyst can use to deliver the experience that works for your users.

Deliver better data services and unlock productivity

Let your data team focus on creating and delivering better business results, not administrative and routing tasks.


– Get your business teams the answers they need, faster and easier.

– Realize immediate ROI on the work you’ve already done. Let AI surface existing reports and answers to business users in a simple Ask and Answer format, anytime anywhere.

– Help business users ask better questions. AI will help structure bespoke data requests, allowing your data ops team to deliver better answers with fewer cycles.

– Works seamlessly with your existing processes and infrastructure.

Noah Horton
Noah Horton, CEO


“AI has changed the way we engage with data and get answers - it allows us to be more “human" with conversational UIs — dynamically interpreting, surfacing, and creating the answers that the user is looking for."

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