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Empowering Business Teams with Improved Analytics Processes

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More than 70% of business teams rely on data analysts and data teams for insights, according to this new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. It’s just one of the concerning data points found in this original research, highlighting key challenges business teams face in getting access to crucial data impacting their critical KPIs. 

Less than half of business teams reported using analytics and tools to generate their own insights. In the blistering pace of change within commerce and marketing, this lack of self-reliance demonstrates the need for KPI owners to analyze and access insights on their own to compete. 

Unsupervised is offering this original research from HBR to help business teams understand and respond to the challenge in front of them.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • The challenges presented by manual data analysis processes
  • How leading organizations are responding to these challenges
  • Why many organizations are improving access to analytics
  • The actions needed to pursue better data analytics in your organization

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eCommerce Teams! Check out Unsupervised for Retention.

eCommerce Teams! Check out Unsupervised for Retention.

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