Your Cheat Code for Better LTV

Unsupervised finds the customer segments most likely to increase performance with First Party Lookalikes. Automatically expand campaign target lists without coding or data prep.

Get More Revenue,
Not More Work

Grow revenue and LTV from already existing customers with automated segmentation discovery for campaigns.

Be First to the Party

Introducing First Party Lookalikes, lookalike segments based on your KPIs for customer retention and activation.

No Problem

Ingest data from multiple sources without writing a single line of code or spending time on data prep.

Ready for When the Cookies Crumble

Your best customers are in your first-party data. Unsupervised uses a different kind of AI to  segment customer lists most likely to outperform against LTV metrics by testing thousands of hypotheses. Stop guessing who to include in your campaigns.

email for retention

Grow Your List of Best Customers

Acquisition got harder, so marketers doubled down on retention and activation. But finding segments for campaigns is time consuming.

Not anymore. Unsupervised ingests your first-party data, finds your best performing customers, and surfaces lookalikes to expand those segments.

Pay Back That CAC

Turn already acquired leads and customers into higher revenue, AOV and LTV. Export your expanded customer segments directly into your campaigns to grow revenue per session.

These aren't pre-canned predictive lists. They're mapped to your KPIs and customer attributes.

Unsupervised Lookalikes
campaign workflows

Built for Your Workflows

Unsupervised for Retention is purpose built to match eCommerce processes. Data ingestion is effortless, segment discovery is automated, and everything is written in simple language.

Improve tests and campaign performance without using code or deep diving into raw data.

Marketers are beating expectations and exceeding their KPIs within months of implementing Unsupervised.

$250 million

Unsupervised customers have realized $250 million in data-backed opportunities

$2 Million

One brand grew revenue by
$2 million


A customer improved AOV by 13% using Unsupervised.

How it works

AI that does the heavy lifting

Unsupervised for Retention is surprisingly easy to use and integrate into existing campaign workflows. Read our 3-step process for how to use it here.


Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO

Charlotte’s Web

"We get insights to increase revenue that would usually require long, manual processes. Unsupervised has been a game-changer."

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