We Ran Our Sales Data Through Unsupervised — Here’s What We Found

Sales dashboards are great at telling us “what” is happening in our sales process, but not “why”. Unlock deeper insights with Unsupervised.
We Ran Our Sales Data Through Unsupervised — Here’s What We Found 1

Just like any other sales team out there, we have all the tools to monitor, track, and analyze our sales process. In fact, most organizations report having nine sales tools each with its own analytics tools.  We’ve built the dashboards, the reports, and every other feature to help us stay up-to-date on our progress.

These dashboards are a great way to keep up with the status of sales but it’s only telling us “what” is going on, not “why”. In order to find true opportunities to improve our sales process, we needed to dive deeper into the data and understand “why”. So we turned to our own product, the Unsupervised Platform, to analyze all of our sales data and identify answers to questions we would have never thought to ask.

What did we find out? The Unsupervised platform helped us to identify additional steps in our outreach that we could take to increase lead conversion. We also found a way to increase Marketing ROI and reduce the time spent working low-qualified leads — a goal every sales and marketing team is striving for.

About The Project

Timeline: 1-Week

Data Sources: Salesforce, Outreach, Marketo, and a variety of other sources.

Goal: Find opportunities to book more meetings.

Insight #1: Email + Video = 6x Conversion

Our first insight showed us that follow-up emails including video drive 6x conversions. This super-specific insight was an interesting find not only because we would have never thought to look for this, but most importantly, only a limited number of reps were using video to follow-up with their prospects. The correlation between follow-up emails sent with video and meetings set was so high that it couldn’t be ignored.

Opportunity Created: This led to increased investment in video training for our sales reps. Additionally, including video in a follow-up email is now standard practice across the team.

Insight #2: Phone Calls Are Still a Thing in 2021

Believe it or not, there is a correlation between the number of phone calls made and meetings generated. Once you get past the fact that people still answer their phones, this insight seems pretty obvious at first glance. Of course, the more calls you make, the more likely someone will answer the phone, and eventually, you’ll book a meeting. What makes this insight unique is that we were able to identify the exact number of minimum calls to make in order to book a meeting.

Opportunity Created: This insight sparked an opportunity for us to dive deeper into our current processes and better understand how congruent marketing efforts, sales email frequency, and the messaging used in these phone calls all impact conversion. By tagging calls and emails containing specific messaging, we can use Unsupervised semantic fabric functionality to rebuild our sales playbook with the ideal outreach formula for booking meetings.

Insight #3: Yeah, Title Matters

Of course, title matters but the variations of titles can be overwhelming. Unsupervised AI dissects text to create specific segments of titles that we as humans would take weeks to understand. We had a hunch about this insight but it would have taken months to confirm it without the Unsupervised platform. Unsupervised was able to find high-correlations of small patterns in order to bring this insight to light.

Opportunity Created: Considering 41% of sales reps don’t target the right audience, the opportunity created by this insight has the potential to make a big impact. By locking down the titles we need to be speaking to, we’re no longer wasting time or money pursuing prospects who aren’t the right fit. This insight also allows us to get smarter with our marketing spend by tightening our target audience.

Changing the Way We Approach Sales Data

Sales and marketing data are key components of any organization’s decision-making process. This is why the way you approach sales data is critical to the success of your business. Dashboards are great to help track the real-time progress of our sales efforts, but when it comes to making real improvements in our sales process we’ll turn to our Data Capitalization Management platform, Unsupervised, to help us identify, prioritize, and track opportunities.

Want to know how Unsupervised can help your sales team? Speak to one of our experts today. 

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