What is Data Capitalization Management?


The Future of Data Analysis

Data Capitalization Management is the practice of transforming an organization’s data into clear monetary value. This is accomplished by identifying, prioritizing and tracking insights based on the ROI impact for the business.

Why Data Capitalization Management?

AI, particularly unsupervised learning, has emerged for the masses to provide a different way to analyze even extremely complex data. This is leading to the rise of a new category of analytics — Data Capitalization Management (DCM). Unlike traditional BI or analytics, DCM platforms are focused on the tangible, realizable value for the businesses using them by automating the analytics process.
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The businesses that win won’t just be data-driven. They’ll be data profitable. Unsupervised is powering business leaders to achieve data profitability by providing automated analysis of complex data, insight generation and ROI tracking so organizations can improve critical KPIs and capture clear monetary value. Customers have already found more than $65+ million in opportunities using Unsupervised this year alone.

Turn Data Complexity Into A Competitive Advantage with Unsupervised

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Turn your data into actual profit with the first Data Capitalization Management platform. Unsupervised finds super specific insights so you can drive money-generating opportunities.