The Biggest Tech Trends & Predictions for 2022

Explore the top tech trends for 2022. See why data privacy, AI, Total Experience, Data Fabric, and Hyperautomation are at the top of our list.
The Biggest Tech Trends and Predictions for 2022 1

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digitization by about three to four years. Now that we’re heading into 2022, the technology trends we’re seeing are still largely in response to the lasting effects of the pandemic: data management, workforce optimization, and brand experience. Here’s our list of the top technology trends and predictions for 2022.

#1 – Time to Get Serious About Data Privacy & Security

The top trend for 2022 is going to be all about data privacy and security. As privacy concerns grow, consumers are demanding organizations do more to protect consumer information. And it’s going to take a lot more than simply changing the name of your company.

Privacy laws and regulations are continuing to evolve, reminding brands they need to focus on building trust and showing consumers how they’re taking privacy seriously. This means building “privacy-by-design” consumer-facing features, creating a culture around data privacy, and implementing technology that supports an organization’s privacy and security goals.

#2 – AI Everywhere and Everything

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since IBM’s Deep Blue computer beat a world chess champion. Today, AI is used in almost everything we do, and yet, there’s still so much more opportunity to leverage AI to make our lives easier.

According to IDC, AI spending is expected to reach $500 billion by 2024. As the volume of data continues to grow, AI will continue to make advancements. For organizations looking to keep up with ever-changing consumer expectations, finding the right AI solutions to improve efficiency will be critical.

#3 – The Sum of All Experiences = Total Experience

When it comes to protecting your brand’s reputation, it’s not enough to only think about the customer experience. Today, a brand’s reputation is made up of the total experience; employee experience, customer experience, user experience, and multiexperience.

The total experience takes into account every person who interacts with the brand and every touchpoint along the way. This holistic approach towards understanding the true brand experience is designed to help accelerate growth, but it’s no easy feat. Organizations will need to implement technology that can collect and analyze the total experience quickly and with purpose in order to drive true revenue growth.

#4 – Data Fabric is A Must

Data fabric is defined by Gartner as “ a design concept that serves as an integrated layer (fabric) of data and connecting processes. A data fabric utilizes continuous analytics over existing, discoverable, and inferenced metadata assets to support the design, deployment, and utilization of integrated and reusable data across all environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud platforms.” Data fabric combines human and machine capabilities to provide context to your organization’s data. Data fabric creates knowledge graphs to add depth and meaning to the data. The semantic layer of the knowledge graph makes it easy for business leaders and non-technical users to interpret that data.

Giving meaning to the patterns found in your data is essential for businesses looking to quickly find insights that lead to revenue-generating opportunities. Data fabric, although new and exciting now, will soon become a key competitive advantage for businesses.

#5 – From Automation to Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is all about automating as many business and IT processes as possible. Automating everything. Hyperautomation is the strategic approach to leveraging multiple tools and technology to improve your processes.

Hyperautomation reduces costs, streamlines operations, and provides a competitive advantage for businesses. Think of automation as the way to automate a single task and hyperautomation as the combination of multiple automation tools to scale automation initiatives. The term hyperautomation is still evolving but for now, we’re looking at hyperautomation as the strategic approach to organization-wide automation.

The trends for 2022, are all about using technology to help businesses make more confident decisions. If you’re looking to make more confident data-driven decisions, speak with one of our analytics experts to see how Unsupervised can help.

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