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Get granular insights that will make an impact – that’s more than your dashboard can say today.

Turn Complexity Into A Competitive Advantage

Stop simplifying your data — use it as your secret weapon.

Move Insights into Opportunities

Identify, track, & convert insights into actual dollars - you can take that to the bank.

How it works

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Rich Data Features

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1. Automate boring prep work

Our platform leverages a unique form of machine-learning called unsupervised AI to:

  • Embrace the complexity of all your data, regardless of structure, source, or size
  • Easily weave multiple sources together
  • Save time by automatically prepping the data for you
  • Generate hundreds to thousands of features for a richer data set 

2. Unlock KPI-focused insights

Unsupervised’s AI shines in its ability to: 

  • Identify important patterns in your data directly tied to key business metrics
  • Uncover previously undetectable action-ready insights 
  • Help your team investigate, prioritize, and strategize  

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3. Turn data into dollars

Our platform offers a system of action that:

  • Helps teams plan, approve, track, and report
  • Uncover previously undetectable action-ready insights 
  • Proves the ROI of data-profitable initiatives

One of the most interesting offerings

"Data is our competitive advantage. Unsupervised allows us to get insights within the data that shows us the surprising and often fast steps we can take to increase revenue and lower costs that would usually require an army of data scientists and long, manual processes. Unsupervised has been a game-changer.”

Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO
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