We’re built for people.


There are lots of things that people do well that machines can’t do.

Our AI can churn through datasets at inhuman speeds, finding patterns that no person would catch. But no artificial intelligence knows how to take that discovered pattern and apply it to your business.

That’s because machines have no creativity. Worse, they have no context for what actually matters in your business. Our AI can point out which patterns look important, but it only your team has the knowledge to interpret those insights and turn them into a winning strategy.

Far too many AI companies treat machines like they’re magic: a black box capable of automating any job. We don’t believe in that approach. When it comes to certain areas like image classification, text analytics, or pattern identification; AI is exceptionally powerful and advancing rapidly. But no matter what a vendor tells you, it’ll be a long time before AI rivals humans at sound decision making.

Our products are built to discover insights for your team, so they can be well informed and make better data-driven decisions. Scroll down for a quick tour on how.

Justin and Bryce meeting about the best way to find nuances in data

First, we find patterns in your data — no matter how unstructured or messy.


Our unsupervised AI analyzes complex, messy consumer datasets and analyzes them using numerous unsupervised learning techniques. This lets us discover all the patterns in a data-set, including ones that humans wouldn't think to look for.


Then, we surface the patterns that matter most to your goal


We rank the discovered patterns by their impact on your core business goals, so you can see at a glance which ten or twenty patterns in your complex data matter most to whatever you care about — from brand recognition to revenue and everything in between.

Ryan Miling- head engineer - working on how to help people get the best results
Tyler Willis, CEO, meeting with clients about best utilizing AI.

Your team uses the patterns to drive results (teaching the AI what to show them next)


When your Analysts, Data Scientists, or Business Users log into Unsupervised — they select the patterns that look most interesting and actionable. Those patterns can then be acted on in your current workflow.

By marking a pattern as interesting or worth acting on, your team starts a simple process of creating real and measurable ROI. As a bonus, it also trains the AI on what to show next.

The result?
You get immediate ROI, with no process change necessary. Over time, you get more of what you need to see and less of what you already knew.


Unsupervised is the easiest way to start getting real value from AI.


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