Deliver Data ROI with Opportunities

Introducing: Opportunities. A workflow for prioritizing and valuing insights revealed by Unsupervised’s AI all within the platform.
Deliver Data ROI with Opportunities

What makes an insight valuable?

Of course, there’s the joy of discovery. But the purpose is to find opportunities to drive change that adds value.

Put simply, the real value of insights are the ability to act on the opportunities they represent. But collaborating, prioritizing and acting on insights is often where businesses get stuck.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest feature: Opportunities. Opportunities provides a workflow for prioritizing and valuing insights revealed by Unsupervised’s AI all within the platform.

This provides several valuable benefits, including:

  • You’ve found lots of interesting insights in Unsupervised, and you want to organize and track the actions taken to address them.
  • You want to estimate how valuable a particular opportunity might be for your team and organization
  • You want to prioritize all the opportunities you’ve found within Unsupervised, so that you can work on the most impactful things.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick an insight and review it – mark an insight as both “interesting” and “worth exploring” and add to an opportunity.

2. Add your insight to an already existing opportunity or create a new one. This relationship is many-to-many. Patterns will appear on the opportunity as they show up in the insights page.

3. Once you’ve attached a pattern to an opportunity, go ahead a click over to the opportunity itself. Here’s where you’ll fill out an opportunity, adding details and assigning value to better prioritize your insights.

4. Once you’ve written up your opportunity, you can work alone or with a team to set its estimated effort and value.

5. Once scoped, track the opportunity’s progress and health through various stages

  • Every opportunity gets a Stage and a Health status. This helps track the opportunity as you analyze & estimate how valuable it might be, collaborate with other members of your team, execute & track the plan you’ve made, and then measure the impact when the work is complete. At each stage you can set the health, so you’ll know if you haven’t started, you’re on track, delayed, blocked, or if the work has been deprioritized.

6. On the overview page, you can see that this team has created many opportunities each with its own status, health, effort and value estimations. This page is particularly helpful to get a sense of what the team is working on, and to prioritize the work that needs to be done.

Our goal with Opportunities to provide greater collaboration and action on the insights our customers unearth. With this new feature customers can drive home the value of the insights locked in their complex data, and track ROI like never before.

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