Unsupervised’s KPI View: A Marketing Leader’s Secret Weapon

Eliminate frustrating guesswork and go straight to why your marketing metrics are performing on or off track with KPI View by Unsupervised.
Unsupervised_s KPI View

Unsupervised’s KPI View: A Marketing Leader’s Secret Weapon

As a leader, you’re only as good as your team; and leading a high-performing marketing department takes vision, strategy, and a lot of planning. While you’re busy budgeting and building out a plan to bring profitable growth to your business, you continually have to circle back to one critical driver: your KPIs.

Your KPIs offer a distinct measure of how well your department is doing at reaching your core objectives – which is why it’s crucial to have a clear view of what’s happening. Why is your KPI moving in the wrong direction? What’s blocking your business from getting to the next level? The answers to these questions are the key to stimulating growth and increasing profitability. Any dashboard can show you what’s happening with your KPIs, but in order to make confident, data-driven decisions, you need to understand why these things are happening.

Not Enough Hours in a Day

With standard BI tools, uncovering why your metrics are trending a certain way can be like searching for a needle in a haystack: it’s tedious, time-consuming, and more than likely will end up with more questions than answers.

According to Harvard Business Review, marketing is now at the center of the growth agenda for the full C-suite. With lofty goals resting on your shoulders, you can’t risk your entire marketing strategy on a hunch. You need clear, data-backed insights, but you don’t have the time to spend weeks, or months, slicing and dicing data or drilling down into endless dashboards when your expertise is needed elsewhere.

Imagine a world where the why behind your KPIs was automatically surfaced for you – no dashboards necessary. Oh, the possibilities…

Getting Straight to Why


We saw a problem – so we set out to fix it. Gone are the days of piecing together data from 50 different Google Analytics tabs, hoping to get lucky and stumble on that key insight that will change everything.

Introducing the Unsupervised KPI View, where you can eliminate that frustrating guesswork and go straight to why. Instead of starting your week off overwhelmed and searching for answers, grab your morning beverage of choice, sit back and let Unsupervised AI do the heavy lifting.

The KPI view gives you the full picture you’ve been missing:

  • What: The summary graph allows you to visualize what’s happening with your KPIs and how they’re performing.
  • Why: Deep insights are written out clearly in natural language, making it easy to understand your top challenges and drivers and how to take action quickly.
  • How: Mark insights as interesting using the pattern review, sending a continual feedback loop to the AI which it uses to improve and focus on what’s important to your business.

When you combine these three pieces of the puzzle, you’re able to validate your hunch and find answers to questions you never even thought to ask – allowing you to quickly make confident, profitable decisions for your business.

With Unsupervised, you’re finally able to focus on the big picture and become the strategic leader you were destined to be.

If you’re curious about how Unsupervised can revolutionize the way you make decisions, I encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring our KPI View with this interactive tour.

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