Unsupervised for Retention

When time is tight, and margins are tighter, eCommerce marketers double down on boosting LTV. But you don’t have the luxury of testing every hypothesis or deep diving into segmentation. Unsupervised for Retention gives you an edge with First Party Lookalikes, automated and expanded customer segment lists most likely to overperform against LTV metrics derived from your first-party data. We integrate into your existing email campaign workflows easily, no coding or data science resources required.

Drive More Revenue From Already Acquired Customers

The days of easy acquisition are over and eCommerce brands are leaning hard on retention. Unsupervised for Retention is like a cheat code, using your desired KPI to automatically identify overperforming customer segments and then expanding them by providing lookalike segments you can easily export for your next email campaign.

No SQL, No Data Science, No Limits

Know who to send that email campaign to without coding or data prep. Unsupervised uses a different kind of AI to test thousands of hypotheses to find the best customers to send your campaigns to. Now, you can continually improve performance without spending time deep diving into data.

Built for Cookieless Commerce

Nothing beats a repeat customer. In fact, increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25% to 95%. Grow revenue from already existing customers by turning your first-party data into easily exportable customer lists based on the KPIs you care most about. Use highly-specific customer segments to launch hyper-relevant campaigns that deliver more repeat purchasing, higher average order value, and more revenue from already acquired customers.

Prepare for Take Off

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