Unsupervised for Marketing

Marketing is leading the change in how brands meet customer needs. But change is hard — and messy.

Buried in marketing data are segments that spark change in performance of your most critical KPIs. Finding those segments is slow and painful. Until now. Unsupervised uses a different kind of AI to automatically analyze your data, revealing the segments impacting changes in KPI performance as they happen.


Dashboards and analytics tools show you what is happening to conversions, not why. Using a different kind of AI, Unsupervised automates analytics to reveal the why so you can turn segments in your data into improved campaigns, offers, and promotions that boost AOV, LTV, repeat purchases, and improved CAC.

Unsupervised AI autonomously preps and analyzes your data to automatically surface opportunities aligned with your critical KPIs to help you put money where your most impactful insights are.

  • Automate Analytics: Answers are delivered through a different kind of AI that’s able to analyze thousands of permutations to show which segments in your data most impact the metrics you obsessively watch.
  • Skip straight to why: With Unsupervised AI, you’ll go from tracking KPI performance to knowing why it’s going up or down in 3-4 clicks, not 3-4 weeks.
  • Prove the value in every initiative: Gain confidence in how your effort will impact actual performance with analysis derived from massive automated analysis of the data.


Your website is the centerpiece of your conversion strategy. But it’s hard to know which web traffic sources lead to a higher conversion rate or what else might impact your conversion rate. With Unsupervised, you’ll gain hours back per week spent deep-diving into raw data in search for answers and re-dedicate to acting on highly specific insights delivered by AI.


You put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into developing the most compelling promotions, offers, and content for your customers. A “onesize- fits-all” approach is no longer viable when 80% of customers are spending more with brands that offer personalized experiences. As you build unique, integrated marketing campaigns that cross multiple channels, it can be nearly impossible to understand if the promotion is a success or failure. With a limited marketing budget, it’s vital to optimize every promotional dollar spent to drive the highest impact. Unsupervised sifts through the complexity of your data to automatically showcase where to start focusing your marketing investment for the highest return.

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