Unsupervised Helps Major Hospital Network Increase Patient Satisfaction

This case study takes a look at how a major hospital network partnered with Unsupervised to get more out of their surveys. Unsupervised was able to find small but impactful patterns in the data that led to major patient experience improvements.

When Traditional BI Isn’t Enough

A major hospital network depends on strong performance on the industry Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey to ensure they collect full reimbursement from Medicare. One percent of Medicare payments are withheld, with 30% tied to HCAHPS performance.

The patient experience team knew improvements were required to achieve higher average scores, but struggled to find meaningful insights from the surveys. Previous BI and analytics tools failed to identify clear patterns due to the inherent unstructured format of the surveys.

Turning Insights to Actions

Because Unsupervised is able to ingest both unstructured and structured data, and autonomously join and enrich the data, the hospital network was able to quickly find patterns buried in the survey responses. Based on these patterns, they were able to implement relatively simple improvements in four key areas:

  • Room Assignments
  • Weekend Staffing
  • Visiting Surgeons
  • Room Temperatures

A New Normal

Based on the improvements and enhancements derived from insights revealed by Unsupervised, the hospital network was able to increase their average HCAHPS scores. This resulted in the company collecting a greater share of Medicare reimbursements within one year.

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