Finding Hidden Insights from the Frontline: Call Center Data

Explore how Unsupervised is surfacing hidden insights from complex call center data, and making it simple for companies to act on those insights.
Finding Hidden Insights from the Frontline_ Call Center Data

The call center represents the frontline for an enterprise company. Customer satisfaction, repeat business, the most cost-effective form of revenue is on the line with every conversation.

Call centers generate more data than most people could fathom. When you consider the sheer volume of call minutes and chatbot conversations coming through, it’s easy to see how the call center could provide a center of insight and innovation for the larger enterprise.

The problem is most of those insights stay buried. The data is siloed or unstructured, effectively walling it off from the analysis that would reveal opportunities to boost bottom line and topline revenue.

Unsupervised’s Data Intelligence Platform goes beyond the typical Call Center Performance dashboard, surfacing insights from both structured and unstructured data without the time and expense of cleansing. Organizations can use this platform to act quickly to make changes to improve customer experience and maximize ROI.

Let’s take a look at an example of how this works.

Simple Insights Lead to Powerful Actions

Let’s look at an example of eCommerce business. In this case, we’re reviewing data generated from their call center blended with order and product details that are mostly unstructured free-form text fields.

Since our platform is built on unsupervised machine learning, Unsupervised is able to identify a spike in calls that in this case include the “Millbank C100 Smart Meter” description. The AI finds this spike in the West region amongst customers created in the last 17 days with a classic support plan.


Call Center 1.png


The fact that this spike is from accounts created in their first 17 days, and within a specific region, means actions can be taken to improve the support process. Unsupervised created this 17 day range as a feature from the structured date column – typically ranges like this are defined arbitrarily by analysts or are completely ignored in most analytics. Unsupervised creates millions of features like this to provide a deeper understanding of the patterns across your business.

Now that the pattern and insight is clear, your stakeholders can investigate and act on it. Regional supply chain mechanisms can be reviewed or the account onboarding process in the region may require adjustments. The insights are simple and actionable only because the complexity of the call center data is embraced as part of the analysis, rather than trying to cull or limit the data analyzed upfront.

These are the types of insights that would be difficult to identify with traditional BI reporting or a dashboard. Though, it’s easy to imagine a call center dashboard, it’s harder to imagine an analyst finding these exact 4 filter manipulations and correlating them to the uptick in customer calls.

Fast forward a week, a month or a year, your analyst will struggle to find an insight with this value again. Every time data is reviewed in BI, analysts will need to spend hours building dashboards, drilling through data and applying filters just to find something interesting. In many cases even if they find something useful, it’s already too late to act on.

With Unsupervised, there is always actionable intelligence at your fingertips. That’s how customers are able to turn complex call center data into a competitive advantage.

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