How to Grant Unsupervised Access to Google Analytics

Connecting your Google Analytics data to Unsupervised is a quick process that typically takes less than 5 minutes. Here is what we need to get started analyzing your Google Analytics data:

Grant us Google Analytics access: You do this by adding our software to your GA account just like you would a person.

  • Sign in to Google Analytics

  • Click Admin, and navigate to the desired Account, Property or View.
    • For many companies, there is only one of each. For those that have multiple, you can give access to whichever level of data you would like the AI to analyze.

  • Click Access Management

  • In the Account permissions list, click +, then click Add Users.

  • Enter the email address:

  • Deselect Notify new users by email

  • Select “Viewer” permissions

  • Click Add

Let your Unsupervised contact know your GA view_id.

  • This can be found here under the ‘View’ column.

  • You may have several options on this page. Use the same views or properties that you added Unsupervised to in the previous step.

  • Email the relevant view_id to your Unsupervised contact