Fortune 500 Retailer Finds $1m+ with Improvements to Supply Chain Management Using Unsupervised

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Meeting Customer Expectations Leads to Costly Shipping Requirements

Any retailer knows you don’t just compete on quality and price, you also have to meet customer expectations. A Fortune 500 retailer prioritized getting products into customers’ hands on time, every time.

But the enterprise relied on a commercial system with internal rules and analytical models to determine where to source a product in hand and deliver to the customer by a promised date. Often shipments would require expensive upgrades to air transportation to ensure they arrived on time.

Even with the internal team spending 50% of their time over a year analyzing and data building models, few insights led to real optimizations and savings.

Unsupervised Unearths Insights That Lead to Actions

Using several months of shipping and customer data, Unsupervised was able to provide rapid insights that resulted in over $1M in projected cost savings and an entirely new way to evaluate shipping upgrades.

Specifically, Unsupervised surfaced insights that led to quick, bottomline-boosting actions: