About Unsupervised


Unsupervised was founded to help companies make better decisions using their data. We realized that with the sheer amount of data available today, every company was leaving mountains of hidden insights about their customers undiscovered every day.

We built the world's first AI engine based on unsupervised learning — this lets us automatically identify patterns in data and share them with you as insights; all before there is any human guidance or supervision involved in the process.


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Two key concepts set us apart

Complexity is a benefit, not a cost.

We start by using unsupervised learning to analyze all of your data without human guidance or supervision

Our unsupervised approach allows us to find important patterns that people would have missed using other analysis methods (including other cutting-edge forms of AI, which all require human guidance on which data to consider at the start of the process)

This is a cutting-edge technical approach, but it allows us to view the increasing complexity of your data as an asset — not a problem. 

This is the best way to keep up with the unrelenting increase in your data every year.

We trust people to decide

We present important patterns to people at your company that can choose how to use these patterns

Unlike other companies that try to build predictive models that act on their own, we identify important patterns and present them to you — this means that the people in your business with context are the ones making decisions on how to use the insights that the AI thinks is important.

Doing this, we avoid the costly mistakes that other AI companies make when they try to make decisions on your behalf without having any context for your business that may not be captured in your data.