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Automatically get super-specific insights that turn your data into dollars.

See how to drive profitable change – one KPI at a time.

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Built for enterprise

Your business is complex, and so is your data. Unsupervised can analyze data from across business functions to deliver precise insights. Never throw away columns again.

Improve Contact Center Service and Metrics

Customers are complex, and you need tools that can deal with that complexity. Find hidden customer insights with Unsupervised.
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Get Comprehensive Sales Insights

Sales is the heart of your business. Unsupervised is the only tool that can look at all the data relating to sales & give you comprehensive insights.
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Improve Supply Chain Efficiency and Decrease Costs

Modern supply chains are the definition of complexity. Unsupervised can deliver actionable insights to improve efficiency and decrease costs.
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Attract & Retain More Customers

Customers are complex, & you need tools that can deal with it. Unsupervised can look at all your interactions with customers simultaneously.
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Customers & investors

Reduce bias, improve ROI

See our CEO's keynote at Disney's Global Innovation Event describing how Unsupervised helps people make better data-driven decisions.

AI that can analyze millions of features

With the power to analyze millions of features in your data, you never have to select what data to include in your analysis again.

Utilize all your data across systems and silos simultaneously
Intelligent feature generation adds thousands of rich, human-understandable features to your data
The AI tells you exactly where to look, so you can handle data complexity with ease

Get a stream of insights that help you understand your business

Patterns are discovered in your data and scored based on what's most likely to be useful and interesting to you.

Review these patterns regularly and select the ones you want to act on. Unsupervised learns what's important to you over time.

Show provable ROI from your analytics efforts

Track each insight you find important and track the impact of your organization’s actions. Deliver measurable business impact, not more reports

Benefits of Unsupervised

"Almost everyone underestimates the time it takes to train a machine. Supervised learning requires an enormous amount of data cleaning and transformation. Unsupervised is leaping beyond by reducing AI development from months to minutes. They are on the cutting-edge, helping lead the AI revolution.“

Chief AI Officer, ARAMARK (first CAIO in the F500)
Former Chief Data Officer, IBM Watson
Analyze all your data
No data centralization needed
AI handles millions of attributes
Structured and unstructured data
Minimizes dirty data impact
Eliminate data selection bias
Be truly data-driven
Get actionable insights
Easy to understand output
Can be used by business users
Collaborate across your org
Drive data-driven conversations
Track ROI from insights
Drive agile business with data
Enterprise-ready solution
Deploy in your cloud or ours
Professional configuration services
Retain full control of data
Training and coaching
Zero-access security
Data quality audit
Security reports

Unsupervised insights

How to use more data

Your Data is Growing in Complexity, and Traditional Approaches Can’t Keep Up. Today, your analytical process is driven by an assortment of people driving the process with their hypotheses about what is happening in the data. That means...

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Frequently asked questions

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Why are you named Unsupervised?

Most AI and machine learning is based on what is called Supervised learning. It's meant for situations where humans generally understand what is happening in the data and are trying to get machines to replicate that understanding. For example, image recognition - we all know what dogs and cats look like, we are just getting the machine to make the same distinction.

Our AI is focused on Unsupervised learning which is meant for problems where people don't understand what is going on and need creativity to help them figure it out. That describes lots of things in business where we focused. For example - if sales are up, why are they up?

Does Unsupervised take a lot of compute power?

Yes it does - but that is the power of cloud computing. We can spin up a lot of machines for a brief period when we need to do deep math, but then spin them down again. That means the total resources used are modest when compared to tradition always-on systems. Unsupervised can run hosted by us or hosted in your private cloud environment.

Is this just for data scientists?

We have business users, analysts and data scientists as users. Our AI is designed to make insights easily understood, so many types of users can easily consume insights discovered using Unsupervised.

What industries is this for?

We have customers in virtually every industry. That includes regulated industries and healthcare (we're HIPAA compliant).