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Get Straight
to Why

Start your day with clear answers into why your KPIs are failing or succeeding. Fewer clicks, more context.
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Dashboards only tell you what is happening.

Unsupervised AI tells you why.

You have KPIs to hit. Behind every metric's performance are dozens reasons why.

Unsupervised uses AI to automate analytics and reveal super-specific insights without slicing and dicing reports and dashboards.

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Make complex data your friend.

Business is Complex. Getting Clarity is Everything.

Unsupervised automatically analyzes even really difficult data, including hard-to-use stuff like text, to show why KPIs are up, down or flat. With clear insights at your fingertips, your business teams can improve conversions, decrease costs, optimize channels and drive revenue.


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Benefits of Unsupervised

Rich Data Features

100,000 +

AI tackles mundane data tasks to get you straight to why

  • Accelerate time to value by leveraging AI to prep, slice and dice data
  • Increase productivity by auto-generating thousands of features
  • Test millions of hypotheses both known and unknown

Everyone can understand the story behind the data  

  • Easy to understand with natural language statements that don't require a data degree
  • Automatically finds and prioritizes most impactful findings to your KPI
  • Bird’s-eye view visualizations for quick review

Subscription Rates

44% Higher

Business Opportunities


Track the value of your decisions.

  • Quickly make the business case for any project attached to data-backed insights
  • Prioritize recommendations based on the potential value
  • Prove the return on your team's actions in actual dollars for every KPI

Reduce bias, improve ROI

See our CEO's keynote at Disney's Global Innovation Event describing how Unsupervised helps people make better data-driven decisions.