Our AI automatically finds the insights that matter, from thousands of different data types, without any human guidance.


We've invented an AI that can find important insights.

The complexity of your data has exploded over the past few years. You're dealing with more data than ever before, but you're also dealing with new data sources and new data types.

Data analysis has always required people to develop an intuition for where there might be value in their data. Data Scientists and Analysts develop these hypotheses and test them to find insights.

This approach is breaking down as data growth has increased. It's not fair to ask people to intuitively know where the important information is, not when your data grows in complexity every year.

Unsupervised AI can finally analyze your data in it's full complexity — finding what might be valuable and turning those into insights for your team, so that they know exactly where to look.

People are great at using insights to make decisions.

In carefully scripted demo videos or sci-fi movies, it's easy to forget that AI struggles with things that people do easily. 

AI can help you find the things that you didn't know to look for, but only you have the context about your business to decide which insights are actionable and important.

You tell us what customer behaviors you care about and we'll find which patterns that influence those behaviors out of the trillions of possible patterns that exist in the full complexity of your data. 

Once you have insight on which patterns drive those important customer behaviors — you'll know exactly what to do.

We can't wait to see what you create.


Unsupervised helps you understand consumer behavior
so you can make better decisions.


We are the first company developing unsupervised artificial intelligence — AI based on unsupervised learning methodologies. This lets us automatically find patterns in a dataset without needing training or guidance from people.

This unsupervised approach that we've invented allows the AI engine to learn the nuances in your data more accurately than any other AI approach. It is also faster to deploy, and easier to integrate into your current workflows.

You can use Unsupervised to analyze any dataset (structured or unstructured) related to your customers or their behaviors. We'll automatically find patterns inside that data that help you improve your core metrics. 

Fortune 500 companies have used Unsupervised to optimize everything from loyalty program enrollment to product promotion efficacy.



Is Unsupervised right for you?


Trusted by Fortune 500 category leaders.

Large B2C companies use Unsupervised to better understand their customers.

When you serve tens of millions of customers, it's impossible to understand them individually. You have to look for patterns that accurately represent customer behavior. Unsupervised uses AI to automatically discover these patterns — helping you understand what's important.

This understanding allows you to identify the best opportunities for growth and make better data-driven decisions. Here are how some category-leading companies are using our Unsupervised AI to understand their customers and improve their business:


A leading CPG company uses Unsupervised to design their pricing and promotions strategy, by understanding which promotions actually drive changes in market-share, revenue and base sales.


A leading retailer uses Unsupervised to understand immediate sales trends and guide merchandising decisions.

Another leading retailer uses Unsupervised to better classify it's customers based on their purchases, and target them with loyalty enrollment messaging.

Financial Services

A leading Financial Services company uses Customer Science to reduce churn, by understanding which multi-factor consumer patterns lead to cancellations