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Case Studies
Client Referral Insight Leads Non-Profit to Optimize Call Center Workflows

A non-profit that services a large city was having trouble keeping up with the increased demand in their call centers. Learn how Unsupervised helped them reduce call handle time by 15% for referral-related calls and find over $200K in new opportunities.

Case Studies
Retailer Increases Holiday Sales by $1 Million with Unsupervised

Learn the insights Unsupervised helped this online retailer uncover which drove over $1 million in additional sales revenue. 

Case Studies
Retailer Increased First-Purchase AOV by 65%

Take a look at how this marketing team began taking action and saw an increase of $820K in recurring revenue and a 65% increase in AOV for first-time buyers.

Case Studies
Retailer Uncovers Over $1 Million in Upsell Opportunities with Unsupervised

See how this spa uncovered over $1.4 million in revenue opportunities just by offering the right upsell to the right customers.

Case Studies
Retention Insight Leads Retailer to $2M Increased Revenue

See how this spa chain increased their repeat client visits by 395K and uncovered more than $2M in recurring revenue opportunities.

Case Studies
DTC Retailer Unlocks Additional $40K/month in Revenue

Learn how this online retailer saw an increase in sales revenue by $40K/month and increased one customer group’s AOV by 13% on second-order purchases.

Case Studies
DTC Retailer Turns Insight Into 400% Increase in Holiday Sales

Find out how they doubled the average revenue per recipient, doubled AOV for a customer segment, and increased LDW sales from last year by almost 400%.

Case Studies
One Retention Insight Leads to Big Boost in Second Orders for DTC Retailer

Find out how they quickly boosted sales revenue by $80K and increased the average order value of some customers by more than 28%.

Case Studies
Charlotte’s Web Uncovered $2 Million+ in New Opportunities with Unsupervised

This case study takes a look at how Charlotte's Web was able to uncover over $2M new opportunities by partnering with Unsupervised.

Case Studies
Unlocking Value with Unsupervised AI

This case study takes a look at how a Fortune 100 company partnered with Unsupervised to improve their internal helpdesk bot. Unsupervised was able to find deep insights that identify opportunities to improve their call center experience and reduce costs.

Case Studies
Fortune 500 Retailer Finds $1m+ with Improvements to Supply Chain Management Using Unsupervised

This case study takes a look at how a Fourtune 500 retailer turned to Unsupervised to optimize their supply chain. Unsupervised was able to provide rapid insights that resulted in over $1M in projected cost savings and an entirely new way to evaluate shipping upgrades.

Case Studies
Unsupervised Helps Major Bank Improve Risk Profiling

This case study explores how a financial institution leveraged Unsupervised to better assess lending risk. They were able to find a number of strategic business opportunities to better assess risk and build out their competitive advantage in the lending space.

Case Studies
Unsupervised Helps Major Hospital Network Increase Patient Satisfaction

This case study takes a look at how a major hospital network partnered with Unsupervised to get more out of their surveys. Unsupervised was able to find small but impactful patterns in the data that led to major patient experience improvements.

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