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Optimizing Marketing Tools

Examining marketers’ abilities, goals, and analysis of the most effective tools they use to grow their skills and find success.

Do You Know Your KPIs?

What key performance indicators are business leaders tracking and how does that impact the success of their business?

Fresh vs. Seasoned Marketer Perspectives

Exploring how opinions about marketing trends differ among marketers in different phases of their careers and how they plan to approach them.

Americans Weigh In on What Makes a Successful Ad

An exploration of how platform and ad traits affect their success as well as generational sentiment on new marketing trends and ad aversion.

Marketers on the Metaverse

Exploring marketers’ sentiments on the changing landscape of marketing, how much they understand new technologies, and if they plan to adopt them.

25 Stats that Detail the State of Analytics in 2022

See how companies are approaching big data and analytics with 25 (up-to-date) stats on the state of analytics in 2022.

The Rise in Data Careers

How has public interest in data careers changed from the past to now? We used data to shed more light on the popularity of the data science field today.

Leveling Up The Workforce

How desirable are data skills for all employees? Read about this from both an employee and hiring manager standpoint.

Consumer Confidence in Data Knowledge

Survey reveals consumer knowledge of and comfort with personal data collection. How many people are comfortable accepting unread user agreements?

Big Data Fears & Predictions

What are the expectations of big data in 2022? Read about business leaders and data professionals' fears and predictions for big data.

Understanding Your Customers

A survey of customer insight specialists at nearly 700 companies reveals the most effective methods for gaining knowledge about your customers.

How Companies Use Data

An in-depth analysis of how small, medium, and large businesses gather, analyze, and use data to drive decisions.

Understanding BI Bottlenecks in Business

Looking into the bottlenecks and trouble areas that businesses encounter when implementing business intelligence and how to overcome these setbacks.

How Businesses Are Using AI

Study finds that most businesses are interested in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) but lack the expertise to help them do it.

The Biggest Tech Trends & Predictions for 2022

Explore the top tech trends for 2022. See why data privacy, AI, Total Experience, Data Fabric, and Hyperautomation are at the top of our list.

The Future of Data Analytics

Unsupervised learning is rapidly changing how businesses approach data analysis. It's time to invest in a strategy that works.

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