Unsupervised Webinar:
How to Maximize Your Investment in AI

The date for this webinar has passed, but you can watch an edited recording of the webinar below.

The complexity of your data has exploded over the past few years. You're dealing with more data than ever before, but you're also dealing with new data sources and new data types. To deal with this explosion of data, we have invented an entirely new form of AI — the world’s first AI engine that’s based on unsupervised machine learning.

Today, your team is asked to solve this data complexity issue in time-intensive and manual ways, which requires them to make educated guesses early in the analysis process, which influences the insights they find. It also requires ever more time for data preparation, and creates challenges for teams that need to help the broader organization take action on the insights discovered.

As your data gets larger and more complex, this problem gets worse. As you get more data, your teams can only analyze some portion of it. Over 80% of business data doesn’t get analyzed today, and this unanalyzed data means missed insights.

Unsupervised AI can automatically analyze your data in it's full complexity — without the initial step of attribute or goal selection. It automatically finds what patterns in your data look most valuable and gives those insights to your team, so that they know exactly where to look for your next big growth opportunity.

And that’s our core belief: When you find actionable insights for your teams, they are great at making brilliant decisions.

In this webinar, we focused on both the challenges and opportunities that this seismic shift in data growth presents. Darren Stoll, the former SVP of Retention Marketing and Analytics at Macy’s, discussed his experiences building teams that find insights and use them to create value at Macy’s. You’ll hear about his experience and tips, and his reactions to Unsupervised and how he’d use this capability in his organization.

An edited version of this webinar is embedded below.
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About the guests on this webinar:

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Noah Horton

Noah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unsupervised. He is a Fortune 500 AI expert and one of the pioneers in unsupervised learning and AI.

Noah is the former Chief Product Officer of Ayasdi, where he designed some of the most advanced AI products for Finance and Healthcare. Those products are still in use today at numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Prior to his work at Ayasdi, Noah oversaw Product and Core Engineering for all of Oracle Public Cloud. Noah is an established technical executive with over 60 patents.

Darren Stoll

Darren is the former Senior Vice President of Retention Marketing and Analytics at Macy’s.

In his 17 years at Macy’s, Darren oversaw a number of critical functions across marketing, analytics, and operations. He’s one of the top experts in using analytics and AI to drive real business value.

In this webinar, Darren will share some of his experiences, and also ask questions of Noah about how Unsupervised can be used in real-world situations.