5 Bad Habits of Highly Productive Marketers

Alex Ross
Content Marketing Manager
November 17, 2021

In marketing, it can often feel like we’re speeding down the highway without any brakes. Although moving at such rapid speeds can create some highly productive marketers, it’s not uncommon that we pick up some bad habits along the way. Here’s your reminder to slow down and focus on the big picture in order to become an even more effective marketer.

1. Taking on Too Many Projects

A marketer’s job never stops, there are always new audiences to reach and revenue to chase. This is why it’s so easy for marketers to accidentally take on more than they can handle. Most seasoned marketers have figured out how to balance their workload but with the great resignation (we didn’t come up with this name) upon us, many marketers are finding themselves in new roles looking to make an immediate impact. That often means taking on too many projects leading to working late or worse, working on the weekends. This is your friendly reminder that it’s your results that matter, not your output.

2. Making Assumptions, Not Decisions

As marketers, we need to move quickly. Unfortunately, this often means we’re making assumptions instead of well-informed decisions. It’s one thing to look at the data and understand what is happening, it’s another to understand why things are happening. We call this going from what to why. But the truth is, most marketers don’t have an easy way to get to that why fast enough, forcing them to make assumptions. There shouldn’t be a trade-off between moving with agility and making confident decisions. That’s why tools like Unsupervised are built to help marketers get to the why faster, better understand their marketing analytics, and ultimately make more confident decisions.

3. Chasing Trends Instead of Perfecting Existing Strategies

Every marketer has been guilty of this at least once. Remember Clubhouse? Case in point. Chasing trends isn’t all bad, you could be at the forefront of something revolutionary for your company. Trend chasing turned out well for brands like Dunkin’ with influencer marketing and TikTok, or Wendy’s with Twitter, or RobinHood’s podcast, Daily Snacks. But at the end of the day, if you don’t lock-down existing strategies, trend-chasing will have you putting in a lot of effort only to see little results. Make sure that any new initiative you take on has a plan, purpose, and the right tools to help you analyze your marketing efforts and determine the impact of the trend.

4. Not Talking with Customers

It might be impossible to scroll through LinkedIn right now without coming across a post that says the biggest mistake marketers make is not talking to their customers. There’s a reason we see so many marketers sharing similar advice, numerous brands have yet to prioritize this. Taking time to speak with your customers can help you to better execute your marketing initiatives. Talking with customers helps you get real insight into the buyer’s journey, your product, the experience with your team, and other feedback that can help you better understand your target audience and their needs.

5. Forgetting to Celebrate The Wins

The worst habit of highly productive marketers is they keep forgetting to celebrate the wins. When you’re moving so quickly, it can be hard to reflect on your success. Celebrating your wins isn’t just about praising success, but it reminds you why something worked and how you got there. Stopping to reflect on your successes can help you to replicate them in the future. Brought in double the MQLs this quarter? Fantastic! How did you do it? Knocked it out of the park with your latest ad campaign? Nice job! Why did it work? Can you do it again?

Being a productive marketer isn’t just about speed, it’s about producing results. These bad habits aren’t easy to break, fortunately, there are plenty of tools at a marketer’s disposal to help. See how Unsupervised is helping marketers stop making assumptions about their analytics and start making more confident decisions. Speak with an expert to learn more.


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