Our Team


Unsupervised was founded by successful Silicon Valley veterans to develop a cutting-edge approach to AI that would allow companies to discover insights in their data automatically, better understand their customers, and make more data-driven decisions.

The Unsupervised team includes PhDs, AI Engineers, Designers, Analysts, and Consultants — all working to build solutions that make it easy for companies like yours to get new value out of your data.


Our Founders


Noah Horton

Noah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unsupervised. He is a Fortune 500 AI expert and one of the pioneers in unsupervised learning and AI.

Noah is the former Chief Product Officer of Ayasdi, where he designed some of the most advanced AI products for Finance and Healthcare. Those products are still in use today at numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Prior to his work at Ayasdi, Noah oversaw Product and Core Engineering for all of Oracle Public Cloud. Noah is an established technical executive with over 60 patents.

Tyler Willis

Tyler is the President and Co-Founder of Unsupervised. He is an expert in helping companies become more data-driven.

At Unsupervised, Tyler ensures that our customers have an unparalleled experience. He pulls from a decade of consumer marketing and data experience to ensure that our customers are successful.

Prior to his work at Unsupervised Tyler served as the Chief Marketing Officer at several consumer-focused companies, including Hired.com, which spent over $100M to help companies compete for and hire the best knowledge workers across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Meet some of the team…


Bryce Chriestenson

Bryce is a Customer Data Scientist and is responsible for work on the semantic data engine and working with Customers. Bryce has a PhD in Mathematics and Topology and is a former assistant professor.


Justin Waugh

Justin is a Lead Software Engineer and is responsible for development and extension of our AI engine. Justin has a PhD in Physics and has extensive experience in machine learning and automation.


Qi Liu

Qi is a Data Scientist and is responsible for our automated data classification engine and working with customers. Qi has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and previously served as the Chief Architect of Robauto.


Ryan Miling

Ryan Miling is a Lead Engineer and is responsible for architecting and building the web application & data visualization platform from the ground up to host the output of an AI engine.


Monica Harvancik

Monica Harvancik is a Product Designer and is responsible for research, usability, product, UI and visual design. Prior to Unsupervised, she designed the product that catapulted ClassDojo into being used and loved in over 90% of K-8 schools.


Mike Biven

Mike is the Chief of Staff Unsupervised and is responsible for developing an organization that is excellent at hiring, sales operations, and customer success.


Jade Wibbels

Jade is a software engineer and is responsible for improvements related to our data expansion engine. She is currently at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science.



We’re a quickly growing team based in Boulder, CO. We’re hiring for a number of roles in engineering, product, sales, customer success, and data science.

If you’re smart, caring, and want to work on the cutting-edge of AI in a way that empowers people rather than replacing them — browse our open jobs and apply!


Backed by Industry Leaders

Our investors are some of the best venture funds and industry executives in the world.


Nick Mehta
Founder and CEO at Gainsight

Arielle Zuckerberg
Angel Investor,
Former VC at Kleiner Perkins

Dorion Carroll
VP, Mobile Shopping at Amazon

John Ramey
Founder of iSocket

Jerry Neumann
Investor, Former MD of Venture Investments for Omnicom

Leonard Speiser
Founder of Clover & Bix