Unsupervised for Marketers

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Thrive in a hypercompetitive market by autonomously surfacing insights from all your data – from channel acquisition to complex eCommerce platforms.


Marketers are tasked with making hundreds of decisions every day. But even with dozens of dashboards, reports and reams of data, it’s incredibly hard to know why a decision will work.

Unsupervised automates analytics so revenue teams go straight to why metrics are failing or succeeding, surfacing hidden growth opportunities without endless dashboards.

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Super-Specific Insights at Your Fingertips

Unsupervised automatically find insights impacting to your most critical KPIs

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Go Beyond What, Explore Why

Why is CTR down? Why is abandon rate up? Why did one campaign outperform the other?

Getting to the why often involves hours of manual work, deep dives and a fair amount of guessing. Unsupervised puts the patterns right in front of you.

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Fewer than 15% of large scale enterprises report having their AI Investments in wide-spread deployment, and less than 38% said they have created a data-driven culture.

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Go from Marketing Insights to Marketing ROI

Your data is everywhere. Stitching it together is painful. Unsupervised pulls data from multiple sources with no clean up required so you get easy-to-understand insights and a workflow for critical actions.

Crush Your Campaigns

Campaigns are the lifeline of your business. When every dollar counts, knowing why it’s boosting buys or bottoming out is essential. Unsupervised automates analytics to show you where to invest to drive the more money.

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Paul Lanham, CIO/CTO Charlotte’s Web

“Unsupervised allows us to get insights within the data that shows us the surprising and often fast steps we can take to increase revenue and lower costs that would usually require an army of data scientists and long, manual processes. Unsupervised has been a game-changer.”

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With Unsupervised, you can finally take advantage of real, powerful, and actionable insights that provide you with a measurable ROI.

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