Unsupervised saves time by showing you which patterns are most likely to improve your business.


Our AI finds all the patterns within a dataset. That could mean tens or hundreds of thousands of patterns. Not all of them will be valuable. In fact, most of them won’t be. But a fraction of these patterns will significantly impact your business goals. These are the patterns we make sure you see.

That’s because Unsupervised is focused on helping you improve your core metrics. For instance, we can alert you when purchasing behavior changes meaningfully, or highlight patterns where a small number of your consumers has an outsized impact on a KPI. Our platform won’t show you insights you already knew or patterns too small to affect your business. You tell us which metrics you care about, and we surface the most important patterns accordingly. You’ll always know which insights have the greatest impact.

When you analyze your data with Unsupervised, you quickly discover crucial opportunities to improve your business.