We believe AI should work for people, not replace them


There are lots of things that people do well and machines do poorly. Our AI can churn through datasets at inhuman speeds, finding patterns that no person would catch. But no AI knows how to take a discovered pattern and apply it to your business.

That’s because machines have no creativity. Worse, they have no context for what actually matters in your business. Unsupervised can point out nuanced patterns, but only you and your team can interpret the results and turn them into a winning strategy.

Far too many people who sell AI solutions treat them like they’re magic: a black box capable of solving any problem. We don’t believe in that approach. When it comes to certain areas like image detection, text analytics, and pattern detection, AI is exceptionally powerful and advancing rapidly. But no matter what a vendor tells you, it’ll be a long time before AI rivals humans at sound decision making.